Using Hair Straightener At Home

by Shopify Partner on Oct 19, 2022

Using Hair Straightener At Home

How To Use A Hair Straightener At Home

1. Right Type Of Hair Straightener

Select the right type of best hair straightener for the hair straightening method. There are many hair straightening brands that may leave you confused while selecting a bad straightener that can end up severely damaging your hair. Flat irons are the best types of hair straighteners in terms of hair safety. Buy a straightener having a ceramic coat that is gentle on hair and adds extra shine to hair. In addition, selecting the right size of hair straightener is also equally important. The ideal size is considered between 1” to 1.5” wide for all hair lengths.

There are many choices while choosing a good hair straightener. Always do some research before you spend the money. There are brands that promise to give straight hair within just a few minutes. Wait! Always give importance to the priorities and to enhance your beauty. This step also helps to keep your hair healthy and safe.

2. Prep Your Hair For Straightening

You need to prep your hair well before starting to straighten hair at home safely. Many factors like grease, styling products, dirt, and Pollution tend to make the hair unmanageable and frizzy. Thus, washing your hair is advised before straightening. Nourishing and hydrating shampoo and conditioner work well to make the hair soft and smooth. This will also lessen the hair damage, give a better result and reduce frizz.

A Complete Guide And Tips On Using Hair Straightener At Home

Also before using the flat iron on hair ensure the hair is dry. Towel-dry the hair after wash and then blow-dry. Start from the roots and then to the tips. Now Comb hair very well to detangle. 

3. Heat Protection

You will need a heat protection spray to ensure no hair damage. This protects your hair from any sort of damage due to heat. Make sure to not apply the serum onto the roots since they make the hair greasy. Using heat protectant before you start hair straightening is the best way to keep your hair safe. 

4. Follow The Easy Steps To Hair Straightening At Home

  • While you make your hair ready for the straightening, firstly divide your hair into various sections. This ensures uniform hair straightening on all the sides.
  • Set the right temperature on the straightening iron. This factor depends on your hair length. Also, refer to the manual provided by the brand for directions.
  • Leaving an inch from your hair roots, start straightening. Just straighten one section of your hair at once to make the task easier. And Repeat the same procedure for the other sections. This also gives volume to your hair. Use different clips for better and easily sectioning.
  • And your straight and sleek hair is ready to flaunt.

Here’s Are Some Best Hair Straightening Tips

A Complete Guide And Tips On Using Hair Straightener At Home

1. Start In The Right Way

Always let the flat iron get hot well and make sure the hair tong has the required temperature. Hair Straighteners work best when heated properly or you may end up with hair curls within some hours.

2. Maintain It Well

Always ensure your straightener is well-maintained and clean like other devices. Dust tends to hamper the heat and can affect the result.  Unclean hair straighteners with grime, dust, and grease can stick causing hair damage. In addition, it can also leave the hair clumped together.

3. Brushing Well

Comb or brush the hair well before starting with hair straightening at home. Also if you have curly hair, it is best to keep in between the hair straightening to get the desired result. 

4. Start In Sections

As mentioned earlier, it is important to section your hair while doing straightening at home. Also always make sure to start from the back section and the last one to the front one.  This is a professional’s method and best hair straightening tip.

5. Choose The Right Brush

A Complete Guide And Tips On Using Hair Straightener At Home

Choose the right hairbrush for the best hair straightening kit. There are many brushes available in the market you can choose the metal core round brush. It helps to untangle the curls. Always Brush using the soft bristles to straighten the hair.

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