Saving Your Hair After Heat Styling: Golden Tips for healthy straight hair

by Sohaila Badr on Jun 17, 2024

Saving Your Hair After Heat Styling: Golden Tips for healthy straight hair

Saving Your Hair After Heat Styling: Golden Tips for healthy straight hair

If you love using heat hair straighteners to enjoy a beautiful, elegant, distinctive, and elegant look, but you are afraid of the damage caused by heat and its effect on your hair, then there is no need to worry. You can now follow some tips that we can describe as golden tips, which will provide you with the necessary support to maintain the health, vitality, and shine of your hair. It will be a heat shield.

Healthy straight hair: (Heat protectant spray)
Use a heat protectant spray, which is a cosmetic product that is made to protect your hair from the heat used in hair straightening tools, as it works to coat the hair and protect it from heat damage.

Temperature Control: (reduce heat styling)
Adjust the temperature so that it is medium and not too high so as not to cause harm or damage to your hair, and choose a temperature appropriate for your hair type.

Sectioning hair:
Divide your hair into small parts so that you can distribute the heat evenly, and so that you do not apply heat more than once to the same part.

Silk Pillowcases: (A simple touch for healthy hair)
Use a silk pillowcase at bedtime and a satin hair tie so that your hair is not affected, as cotton pillowcases work to break your hair, while silk and satin work to preserve it and keep it straight without damage or breakage.


Wide-toothed wooden comb:
Use a wide-toothed wooden comb to remove tangles without causing any damage to your hair.

Hair serum:
Use a hair serum suitable for your hair type to protect it from heat and add shine to its appearance.


Deep hydration:
Deep moisturizing: It helps you nourish and moisturize your hair deeply and from the roots to compensate for the harmful effects that heat has caused to your hair.

Repeating your use of straightening tools over and over may lead to hair damage and cause split ends and weak strands. Therefore, try to reduce your use of heat straightening tools and make sure to nourish your hair through a hair mask with nourishing oils such as argan and coconut oil, and choose a suitable type of shampoo and conditioner. For your hair type, use appropriate styling oils or creams to nourish and moisturize your hair and protect it from frizz, dryness, and loss, so that you can straighten it with heat later without the hair being affected or harmed.

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