Made in Italy.

Designed in New York.

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Our Story

No more middlemen

We started this company with one goal in mind: insanely stylish, comfortable hair made from the highest quality materials we could find, delivered straight to you.

We never understood why luxury footwear was monopolized by traditional heritage brands while other parts of the fashion world were being disrupted. By cutting out the middleman, we completely eliminate the excessive retail mark up and save you money.


Naples, Italy

Hair straightener from the Gulf of Naples delivered straight to your doorstep

Italy has long been the epicenter of world fashion. Sophisticated craftsmanship, an eye for beautiful and timeless designs, and the unrelenting pursuit for high-quality materials make Italy the greatest Hair producing country in the world.


The Art of Italian Hairstyling

Skills passed down from generation to generation

Our hair straightener are Blake stitched, a superior construction method that yields numerous benefits, including: maximum sole flexibility for exceptional comfort, a sleek and fashionable aesthetic, and ease of re-soling for years of wear. Made using the highest-quality Italian calfskin leather, our hiar easily surpass our competitors in terms of quality and design.


Discover Handmade Italian Footwear

It's time to step up your hair straightener

We've turned the luxury footwear industry upside down. By sourcing the highest-quality footwear available and eliminating excessive retail markups, Paul Evans is the leading direct-to-consumer luxury men's footwear brand manufacturing exclusively in Naples, Italy. Step into a pair and experience the difference.

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